Legendary Wings (Do You See ?)

The Legendary Wings from Kalamazoo, Michigan, yet another of the Midwest’s hidden gems. I’ve been waiting for this band’s next release for three years now and they’ve delivered so hard on this one. The release is 10 songs long and just barely over the 20-minute mark in length. It sounds like it was recorded in Denton, Texas, possibly by a Marked Men side project, but its definitely not. This release is all Midwest. I’m sure this record was done on a lot of Hamm’s Beer and bad decisions.

I got the opportunity to see this band live when my old punk band, Nightmare Boyzzz, played a festival in Milwaukee. The drummer’s bass drum head had a picture of Billy Crystal on it! Enough said. Go order this record right now, and I promise it will end up in your top 10 for the year. The Dirtnap Records roster has been killing it recently, I recommend ordering anything released from Dirtnap in the past 6-8 years.

-Justin Crumpton

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