Barcelona – Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona (12’’ )

Spain has always been known as a country that’s on top of the punk game, giving us some of the rawest, most energetic and most original bands in the scene. This record is no exception to the rule. Just out on London’s own La Vida Es Un Mus comes this time-bomb, filled with anxious and nihilistic female vocals, a chaotic clockwork-like rhythm section and a complete of control guitar. I think some of their members were in Destino Final, Glam and Firmeza 10, so you kinda know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re not familiar with those bands, just try to think of Discharge on a really bad mushrooms trip, but instead of messing up like they did, this band came up with this essential record. This is for anyone into noisy psychedelic hardcore, whatever that is.


-Chuche Garcia

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