Baby Strange VVV

Dark, twisted and bleak, with haunting and foreboding guitar chords and sexed-up matter-of-fact lyrics, Scotland’s latest post-punk offering is anything but the usual sound. You’re forgiven if you think that on paper Baby Strange is nothing but an unruly, unfair stereotype of a band from the rough streets of Glasgow.

‘VVV’ harks back to the drum heavy sound of glam-rock royalty, the Glitter Band, mixed with wild and loose reverb drenched guitar that have defined their live shows. Lyrically, ‘VVV’ continues Baby Strange’s previous efforts, presenting dark and visceral cynicism wrapped in the world view of young, angry men that pull no punches. The band beats around no bushes—this is a song about violation that is somehow made appealing through a tinge of gothic romanticism.

The Glaswegians have steadily made quite the name for themselves through their enigmatic live shows and appearances at major festivals across the country. Quintessentially moody, Baby Strange are quickly becoming one of this year’s breakthrough acts with an eerie sense of confidence and swagger.

Despite the track’s glam-esque overtones, anyone expecting any T-Rex connotations (who had a song titled Baby Strange) could be somewhat disappointed.

The single has been released ahead of a co-headline tour in February with Dolomite Minor on vinyl. ‘VVV’ is available to stream and download via iTunes and Spotify.

-Luke Baker

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