Dead Ghosts – Interview

Dead Ghosts (c) Neelam Khan Vela

Our favourite Canadians from Vancouver, Dead Ghosts, are coming to Europe this week and we can’t wait! They will be performing a string of shows that includes Amsterdam, France and London, and that’s pretty much it. We caught up with the band prior to their tour and talked real shit.

Heatwave: You did a couple European Tours before. Are you looking forward to going to Europe again?

Dead Ghosts: We are pumped to wear our new mohair suits! Got that Flying Burrito Brothers vibe all switched on for these Euro dates.

Heatwave: Is the audience different than in America?

Dead Ghosts: We played a show in the Netherlands and one person clapped slowly and then whispered ‘good show.’

Heatwave: What’s your favourite venue in Europe, and in which city have you had the best parties?

Dead Ghosts: We party the best when we are given free reign on the booze and we have a good foosball table at our disposal.

Heatwave: You are not doing any Scandinavian cities this tour? Why is that?

Dead Ghosts: Economies of scale. Taxable benefits. The usual.


Heatwave: What’s your favourite tour food? How do you keep busy on the road?

 Dead Ghosts: Nacho cheez. We keep busy by putting a lot of garbage on our driver, Bas, when he is hung over and passed out.

Heatwave: Since you’ve known each for a pretty long time, and being on tour often gets very, very cozy, do you ever get sick of each other? What do you do when that happens?

Dead Ghosts: Nah, our stagecoach is sick. We all get pretty jealous though, because Bryan has a Jacuzzi tub in his room. That’s why he has such a nice complexion.

Heatwave: What are you listening to right now in the van? Teach us!

Dead Ghosts: Mostly Phish but also Phil Collins

Heatwave: You played some shows with King Giz – they just played a sold out Paradiso in Amsterdam and that was amazing! Are they a big influence on your own music? Who else is?

Dead Ghosts: No. We prefer shittier music. Drew’s first group Tabitha is our biggest influence.

Heatwave: If you could pick one other band to play with for the rest of your European tour, who would it be? Who would you refuse to ever play with?

Dead Ghosts: Andrew W.K. because he parties hard, obviously

 Heatwave: I saw you did an ‘ask us anything’ post on Facebook. What was the weirdest thing they asked? Do you think it is important to do this kind of things?

Dead Ghosts: They asked us to cover them in mustard and then let out a small yelp. It’s very important to do these things, because you gotta let loose sometimes

Heatwave: Are you already working on the new album? Or are you starting after tour? What’s going to be different and what will be the same?

Dead Ghosts: We are working on a new album, so we can release it after we complete our next European tour. It’ll be just the one style.

Heatwave: Do you think it is important to hold on to one style as a band?

Dead Ghosts: Just do what feels good. Our favourite food is Mexican.

Heatwave: If you could pick a place anywhere in the world to play a gig, where would it be, and why?

Dead Ghosts: Any of Guy Fieri’s restaurants because he is a bad mother!

-Stephanie Van Dee