Suspect Parts – ‘You Know I Can’t Say No’ Video Première and Single Release

International powerpop supergroup, Suspect Parts, are back with a three-track single. Coinciding with the single, the band has released a video for the intro track ‘You Know I Can’t Say No.’ Choosing ‘You Know I Can’t Say No’ for the video track was definitely the right move. After listening to all the tracks on the single multiple times, it was the one I still had stuck in my head.

‘You Know I Can’t Say No’ definitely has a great poppy proto-punk feel. I don’t know the lyrics to the chorus yet, but I really want to.

The video has an aged film look to it, with burnt edges, sepia tones, and visual ‘noise’. Lead singer, Sully, has a tendency to bounce as he plays, which goes perfectly with the tone of this song – encouraging you to bounce along with him.

I feel like I’m always struggling to fully grasp what it is the Suspect Parts’ sound reminds me of, but honestly it makes sense that they’re a band you can’t quite put your finger on. With influences coming from 60s pop and the 70s California beach sound, all the way through to 77-punk, they’ve got a pretty good range. And with members from bands like The Briefs, Clorox Girls, Maniac, More Kicks, Radio Dead Ones, and Red Dons, the boys have got years of musical experience under the belts.

Watch the new video right now, and grab a copy of the single from Wanda Records!


–Linsey McFadden

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