*Video Premiere* Bad Nerves – Mad Mind

We’ve been waiting for this for months – today we’re premiering the new Bad Nerves video ‘Mad Mind.’ Oh wait… are you ready? Oh yes, yes you are. Okay, time to stand up and put on your Friday best. I recommend you include your Converse, because they are back. We know you’ve been waiting all this time for the ticking time to pass by. Well, wait no more! We’ve brought you the tune of the weekend, the month, the year…

With the Bad Nerves usual dark and grainy video delivery, not only do you get a good sense of the live scene, but you also get an idea of the sort of quality you can expect from the new album. A few weeks back we heard the band was almost finished working on what we’re sure will be one of the best albums of 2019.

‘Mad mind’ is a great promo track for the upcoming album. The video has the dark yet shiny, quality of homemade videos we already know singer, Bobby Nerves, pulls out from his pocket once in a while. In the video Bobby meets karaoke meets a dark tape world in memory lane.

This is a tale of love, discomfort, routine and the feeling of waiting for things to happen. Well, life is happening right now… So, go out and rock, because the day and night is what you make of it. Make sure to YouTube the shit out of this at your afterparty tonight!

Stay tuned for more Bad Nerves news…!


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