Heatwave Issue 4 is out!

cover good

Hey Kids!

Long time no update! Last April we launched our Issue 4 with two great parties in London and Amsterdam. If you were there then you know, it was fucking great! We would like to thank you all for coming down and for the support we had the past two years, without you we wouldn’t be here. Also, thank you to all our writers, the bands that played, the venues and the sponsors, you all really do a fucking great job, so please keep great music alive!

Now, if you weren’t there and you didn’t get a copy, well good news… we delivered our last issue at most record shops and spots in London and Amsterdam. Copies are limited so run to the shop now for a FREE magazine – see shops below.

If you can’t find one anymore or you leave somewhere else you can still order one online from here: heatwavemagazine.bigcartel.com

We have more cool updates and news coming soon, so keep yourself informed by checking our Facebook page or Twitter!



  • Flashback Records
  • Rough Trade
  • All Ages


  • King Bee Records
  • Piccadilly Records


  • Jumbo Records


  • Spiller Records


  • Sounclash Recordings


  • Back to Mono Records


  • Record Collector


  • Sound it Out


  • Rubber Soul Records



  • Pacific Parc
  • Concerto Record Store
  • Vintage Voudou
  • Red Light Records
  • De Nieuwe Anita
  • Independent Outlet
  • Record Friend
  • Checkpoint Charlie

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