Heatwave Launch Party 4 – London Edition

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15936616_780546202093172_1732436214669236838_o.jpgHEATWAVE LAUNCH PARTY #4
01/04/2017 – LONDON
£8.50adv/£10 OTD + FREE MAGAZINE
Tickets from: heatwavemagazine.bigcartel.com

HEATWAVE is back with a new Issue and a new Party in London!
We work hard but love to party harder and to celebrate, we bring you a bunch of the best current rock and roll and garage bands. This is going to be a sell-out so, get your tickets in advance!



Combining sixties garage, mod, ’77 punk rock, psychedelia and their devotion to bands like MC5, The Monks, and The Music Machine, The Jackets bring a dynamic recipe to the garage “rock’n’roll menu”;. What is important to note is that the Jackets are a Rock and Roll band – but it’s the ROLL that makes the ROCK just that little bit better! – www.thejackets.ch/band.html

Listen and watch here:







Bloody hell, these Auckland kids come with a bang! Listening to their debut self-titled album is like being in my own pit, surrounded by savage ghosts from former gigs. I can almost smell the sex, drugs and rock n roll infused sweat and the rotten beer on the floor. […] While their sound has many great influences – the Gun Club, the Sonics, the Cramps, the Stooges, the Gories, Flat Duo Jets, and even Dead Moon, it is their own sound. Their sound is brought mainly through their raving attitude. […] The Cavemen are definitely a live band, so make sure you see them next time they’re around. – Penelope York, Heatwave Magazine

Listen and watch here:




DJ John The Revelator (Heatwave, Dirty Water Records)
DJ Fonzie (The Parkinsons)
will have you dancing until your body is only bones!

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