Happy Holidayzz!

968802_592087720939022_6120454644930229393_nIt has been an incredible year for us at HEATWAVE! Since we “opened our doors” on a cold Wednesday night in February, the Heatwave team has grown from three to 30. Our website has had more than 12,000 hits, growing to a speed of 575 readers per week.
Our Top Readers are from UK, US and the Netherlands. Over 5000 Londoners have devoured our pages in the past two months alone, with Northern Soul appearing to be their favourite genre.
In July, we saw our first printed issue come out, with 1000 copies available. There are only 53 issues of our first issue left! We also hosted a sold out show with The Gories.

The digital version has 958 impressions a week, with an average time spent of 3:09 minutes per page. We have also been unliked three times for “Spam”, sad face, but the coolest of all is that we have met a lot of new amazing bands. We are a platform for the Old, the New, and the Young.
We have big dreams (and plans) for 2016. We have two launch parties in Europe, we will be on the radio, we will travel to festivals, we will promote your local bands, and we could be coming to a town near you!
We would like to thank you all for the support you have given us by following us, reading us, coming to our gigs and liking us in 2015!
We’re bringing you HEATWAVE for the love of music, and we hope to keep doing it for many years to come!

Happy Holidays from all of us at the HEATWAVE team, and tune in for more next year!

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