Victor Torpedo Karaoke Live Show @ SWS, The George Tavern, London 20.11.15



Victor Torpedo’s Karaoke. Pic by Penelope York

Victor Torpedo Karaoke Live Show

Some Weird Sin – George Tavern – 20 November 2015

Among a mix of mesmerised faces, transfixed eyes, and some odd bewitched stares, all of us had, at some special point, one thing in common– the glorious laughter of pure ecstasy. There were a lot of excited jaw-droppers on this first cold night of winter.

Victor Torpedo, as one-man band with his Karaoke Show, is definitely not your type of showman. Hell, I don’t even think there’s a type out there that can label exactly what Torpedo did on that stage. Coming from a long and steady background of exceptional bands, like Tedio Boys, 77, The Parkinsons, Tiguana Bibles, Blood Safari and Subway Riders, we know that whatever Torpedo has in mind will be great. And hot damn, so it was! He doesn’t only have the skills, the passion, and the dedication; Torpedo has also the heart. Once you’ve seen him, you’ll stay hooked forever for on top of all of his many talents, he also has that trademarked inviting smile that can and does brighten an entire venue. He loves his fans and his fans know it.

Fiddling with pop rock, splashing it with reggae and smearing it all with electronic music, he reconstructs his acts into a totally new concept. As if supported by the big screen in one of those dodgy karaoke bar’s private rooms, Torpedo frantically flicks the as if karaoke dossier, as if searching for the next karaoke song. These ‘as ifs‘ depict his insanely out-of-this-world Karaoke Show.

Yet he pushes it further, dramatising a karaoke goer after a long dreadful day at work. The grey reality stayed out and he’s here to bloody sing his heart out. Let the drinks pour and forget all about rules, obligations, and all the derivatives. On a Friday night, he is the master of the microphone; the player has taken over the worker, or the bon vivant over the submissive labourer. But not completely though, as these two are fighting, and they are fighting hard: the despair of the blue-collar ascends whilst the irony of the bohemian tries to kick him in the balls. Love and hate mate in an orgy of contradicted emotions. It’s all or nothing.

After an intoxicating battle on stage, amidst the exhilarated crowd, the enfant terrible has finally won. The society’s slave is free. And we all went free with him, even if just for one night.

By Penelope York


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