The Missing Souls: Alligator/Sweet, Sweet Sadie 7-inch

Artist: The Missing Souls12622464_668807526592310_4527900705251391074_o
Album: Alligator/Sweet Sweet Sadie 7-inch
Label: State Records
Released: July 18, 2016

The sounds of the Missing Souls are the result of a soulful explosion combined with fuzzy freakbeat notions. One could think of the simplicity of 1960s weirdo pop rock and they’d pretty much have the formula for this particular single down. In other words, it’s simple, fun music to move to. ‘Alligator’ is the track you shimmy, shake and jerk to. ‘Sweet, Sweet Sadie’ is a freak out tune that one gets down and dirty with. Its fuzzy overtone harkens on the sounds of Girls in The Garage meets Back From The Grave compilations and kind leaves me thinking of their Swiss freakbeat contemporary’s the Jackets. So, while the Missing Souls style of classic fuzzed out garage rock does certain justice to those who have come before, I feel that there is further potential that this group has to offer. By this I mean, a sound that is a little wilder, and dare I say untamed. This single is not a bad start, but I’ll be checking back periodically for something that inspires all the dirty notions of freaky beats and practices of sex addled misfits.

Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)