The Masonics: Obermann Rides Again


The Masonics
Obermann Rides Again
Dirty Water Records
February 24, 2017

With Obermann Rides Again, it’s clear that The Masonics are experts in love, loss and yearning. This is a formula that has proven the test of time, and pop rock n’ roll song approved. Like others before, The Masonics invoke a style of rhythm and beat served with excellence.

In doing so, The Masonics prove their ability to profess a sound that comes across like the bastard son of The Animals and The Milkshakes. Although to be fair, this is what one should expect from a band that captures the essence of the 1960s and then proceeds to stretch into a noise that is perfect for the confines of a pub.

The Masonics volatile mix rhythm and beat rock n’ roll is perfect for the wanderlust adolescent. It’s beat wrapped in garage-ridden pub rock. Admittedly it’s hardly an original style, but it’s one that is timeless and is easy to identify with.

Top tracks for consideration are the bluesy Mersey like ballad ‘What Do You Do,’ opening stomper ‘I Ain’t Hurting For You’ and the cute and poppy, Bo Diddley feeling ‘The Unsignposted Road.’

In all, it’s a solid and fun album to dig. The Masonics have delivered good and fast rock n’ roll meant for the teenage beat. So don’t be a square and seize the chance to check this out when it drops.

Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)