The Dirty Fences

Photo courtesy of the Dirty Fences Facebook page
Photo courtesy of the Dirty Fences Facebook page

“We moved to New York after high school because we wanted to be the Ramones,” said Jack Daves, the Dirty Fences’ globetrotting front man. The Brooklyn based band was formed in 2009 by singer and guitarist, Jack, along with guitarist, Max Roseglass, bassist, Max Comaskey and drummer, Max Hiersteiner. These guys are real punk rockers – their music is inspired by a big shared-love of Johnny Thunders, the Ramones, and the Stooges. Combine those punk legends with early KISS and Motley Crue for a hard rockin’ blast geared towards 21st century, sweat-soaked warehouse partiers!

Dirty Fences play super dirty fast music with a buzzing guitar flow and the most rhythmic drum lines in the history of modern rock n roll! If you ever get to see Dirty Fences live, they will drag you along for the ride and won’t give you enough time to breathe!

Going back in time, the band started their journey in Boston, where they were born and raised. They all originally played in different bands, but by the end of high school Jack and Max Comaskey and Hiersteiner began playing together.

Right after they moved to New York to start their dream life, another Max (Roseglass) joined them to play the second guitar. They finalised their first ever self titled EP in April 2012 via Volcom Entertainment. That was the first time people heard this 70s punk style sound on the record. It seemed like it had risen from the dead like some pegged blue-jean Lazarus. The most classic song from the album ‘Sid’ is like a dream come true for those who are yearning for unapologetic, balls-out rock n roll.

These guys’ fans didn’t have to wait long to hear the hot, dangerous, fun album Too High to Kross, which came out in 2013 again on Volcom Entertainment. Too High To Kross is like a real blast from the past. Hearing it is like discovering an amazing old band from the best period in punk rock. ‘All I Want’ has a frenzied guitar and a swagger that can immediately bring a smile to your face.

The song doesn’t have much to say other than a plea for a nighttime hookup. ‘White Lies’ has the band join in during the chorus and the vocals are uttered with a staccato pronouncement. Its theme is similar to that of ‘All I Want.’ Dirty Fences is intent on having fun and burning through every single song! ‘King’s Cross’ is probably the most standout song. It is much slower than others with a nice and soft guitar sounds.

What do these troublemakers do when they ain’t on the roads? If you thought, “they’re definitely just crazy partying back home in New York,” you might be a little surprised, because the Dirty Fences are super hardworking. The band practices a few hours a day in their Brooklyn basement, writing the songs or just doing all the manager-type jobs, such as booking tours.

Illustration by Ika Lesniak

In 2014 their EP, Ladies Choice, landed on the record shops shelves, and what can we say? The record is fucking brilliant, man! The EP gave us an idea of what we can expect from the album, which Dirty Fences made a reality a year later on Slovenly Recordings. Full Tramp is definitely gonna blow your mind with its filthy driving rock n roll sound like an air of irreverence that’s entirely addictive.
The record might be ragged round the edges, but it’ll rock you harder than anything you’ll hear for a while. The songs are as catchy as a throbbing coldsore. It’s very difficult to imagine the intensity of Dirty Fences live shows after just listening to the records, but it is undoubtedly a feverishly teasing, erratic experience.

Dirty Fences recently released a new single, Tommy & CC, on Die Slaughterhouse Records and these little bastards are going to release another single, Colleen b/w Michael, very soon as well as The Slipper Tree on OBEY Records. Seems like we can expect the new album. Fingers crossed!

The quartet has been touring around the States for a while now, but you can find them heading out to Amsterdam in Europe on May 20. It’s very strange, but for some reason the old adage ‘lock up your daughters’ comes to mind, which frankly, makes rock n roll exciting.

 -Emily Slupecka

Tour Dates:

20/05/16 Amsterdam, Netherlands at Pacific Parc

21/05/16 Manchester, United Kingdom at Fallow Cafe

22/05/16 Glasgow, United Kingdom at Nice n Sleazy

23/05/16 Hull, United Kingdom at TBA

25/06/16 Brighton, United Kingdom at Prince Albert

26/05/16 London, United Kingdom at Nambucca

27/05/16 Liege, Belgium at La Zone

28/05/16 Den Haag, Netherlands at Sniester Fest

29/05/16 Tilburg, Netherlands at Extase

30/05/16 Rotterdam, Netherlands at Rotown

1/06/16 Remis, France at La Cartonnerie

2/06/16 Remis, France at La Cartonnerie

3/06/16 Nimes, France at Paloma

4/06/16 Nimes, France at Paloma

5/06/16 Schaffuhasen, Switzerland at TapTab Musikraum

7/06/16 Marina di Ravenna, Italy at Beaches Brew Fest

8/06/16 Vicenza ,Ventego Italy at Via Roma

9/06/16 Salzburg, Austria at Salzburg Rockhouse

10/06/16 Piacenza, Italy at Spazio 4

11/06/16 Guastalla ,Reggio Emilia,Italy at Handmade Fest

12/06/16 Lorento ,Ancona Italy at Mantaza Fest

13/06/16 Teramo, Italy at Master Club

14/06/16 Roma, Italy at Coropuna

16/06/16 Cagliari, Italy at Beer Beach

17/06/16 Villa Cidro, Italy at Sa Spendula

18/06/16 Sassari, Italy at The Hor

20/06/16 Sardegna, Italy at Secret Location TBA

23/06/16 Villimpenta Mantova, Italy at Parco Giochi

24/06/16 Stuttgart, Germany at Club Goldmarks

25/06/16 Berlin, Germany at Badehaus Szimpla

27/06/16 Hamburg, Germany at Hafenklang

28/06/16 Erfurt, Germany at Cafe Tike