The Darts (US) – Me.Ow

The Darts (US)
Dirty Water Records
Release September 28, 2017

The Darts (US) are a real treat. They have an impressive lineup with Nicole Laurenne of The Love Me Nots, Motobunny and Zero Zero, Rikki Styxx of The Dollyrots, Christina Nunez of The Love Me Nots and Casual Encounters and Michelle Balderrama of Brainspoon.

With their powers combined they boast an impressive sound that blends 1960s girl-group garage rock with Icona Pop sensibilities. Think a fuzz infused style that invokes The Models version of ‘Bend Me, Shape Me’ with The Pleasure Seekers’ attitude and Motobunny’s infectious energy.

This LP is full of solid rock n’ roll tracks. For me though I have to highlight ‘Gonna Make You Love.’ This song produces the sultry, yet provocative attitude famously found in 60s female-driven rock n’ roll, but with a contemporary flair. It slowly builds up with a constant groove that demands my knees buckle thanks to the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy filled shimmy-shakes.

‘Strange Days’ is another cool little tune. It’s spooky and drenched in reverb. One could think of The Sultanas, but with something decidedly more pop driven and easily digestible.

‘Don’t Freak Me Out’ shows off The Darts’ Icona Pop roots. This is no doubt thanks to Laurenne’s involvement with Motobunny. It’s infectiously poppy, wild and simple. ‘Don’t Freak Me Out’ is the kind of tune to jump around aimlessly to. So, be sure to mind your head when flailing about.

Another track that captures this electrifying feel is ‘I Made A Wish.’ This song follows in these lines, but emphasizes a notably heavy garage rock sound.

‘You’ll Bring Me Flowers’ is a spooky little ditty. Listening to this gives me the feeling of being hexed. This track combines The Shangra Las with Verdelle Smith. Check out this track, but allow your mind to wander while tuning into this… of course illicit assistance with this is optional.

Overall The Darts Me.Ow LP is worth picking up. This is good garage rock with pop that doesn’t sacrifice it’s sound for something overly sweet. More importantly, The Darts give rock n’ roll a bit of much needed excitement.

If there were to be a modern take on the Girls In The Garage compilations, these cats would be on it. They offer something different that largely stands on its own in a sea of mediocrity and that is reason enough to give it a listen. Enjoy.

Nick Kuzmack (NixBeat)