The Cavemen: Juvenile Delinquent Single

Juvenile_front.jpgArtist:The Cavemen
Album: Juvenile Delinquent
Label: Dirty Water Records

By the sound of the A-side of this new single Juvenile Delinquent, the Cavemen should change their name to GG Lee Lewis. One part Killer, one part GG, this is mean, nihilistic stuff with just enough swing provided by the catchy lead guitar lick. The song is a celebration of the drugs and alcohol induced lifestyle we’ve heard about many times before, but delivered with enough snottiness and gusto to make it sound authentic.

They slow down the pace on the B-side ‘Swamp Thing.’ This moody, but just as sleazy, rocker showcases their well-documented love of the Cramps and Gun Club, featuring a demented guitar solo straight out of the Bryan Gregory school of screeching noise madness. This is music to listen to while driving at night on an endless highway, contemplating the sins of hazy nights gone by.

Speaking of hazy nights, they will be back on tour in October, and I for one can’t wait to experience them live. Musically they got some aging to do, but the attitude and the swagger is there. So put on tour animal hides, pack up your sticks and stones and let’s party like it’s 7000 B.C.

-Marko Petrovic