Temples – Volcano

Heavenly Recordings
Release: March 3, 2017

If there is such as thing as experiencing the evocation of magic through a symphony sung by angels, then listening to Temples is akin to that. Their new album Volcano is like witnessing an orchestra of sounds breaking through the wide spectrum of psychedelia and indie pop. This album traverses the line between Wendy Carlos’ soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun,” but obviously with something much more.

Before their new album came out, it was obvious that Temples boasted an essence that uniquely moved through the heavens and earth into something strangely provocative. With Volcano, it is clear that Temples, again deliver a sound that is brilliant, vibrantly colourful and even hauntingly uplifting. It is truly a work of genius that is positively stunning.

Like Temples first album, Suns Structures, Volcano comes across with an evolved sound and has an electric feel that invites one to be joyfully overwhelmed. This is particularly evident with the opening number ‘Certainty.’ It’s a track that captures the consciousness within seconds and holds it tight through strong beats and synth hooks. This is a style that remains consistent throughout Volcano.

Overall, if you find that Volcano graces your sound system, it must be played often and repeatedly. Each note and lyric ought to be given the time to be digested. This can be done with the assistance of illicit substances or even with glaring sobriety.

For this reviewer, Temples’ Volcano is an album that the phrase “music is my drug” was meant for. Top numbers to try out include, ‘All Join In,’ ‘How Would You Like To Go,’ and ‘Mystery of Pop,’ but don’t let these track picks limit your horizons. Be sure to take the time to dig this record, it’s indeed something special and perhaps needed.

Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)