T-99 Album Release at Paradiso

Bedlam Release Party
Paradiso, Amsterdam
December 10, 2016

So finally these Amsterdam roots-rockers have put out a new album, Bedlam. Fittingly, they had the release party at the city’s premiere club, Paradiso.

When I say roots-rockers, I don’t really do them justice. They are as eclectic as they come – having in the past dabbled with jazz, blues and country as well as garage and punk, while always staying true to their unique sound.

adp-t-99-paradiso_03The opening song of the set was from their new record. It’s a driving hot rod instrumental called ‘Straightjacket.’ Then they rolled straight into the high-octane boogie, ‘Madhouse Boogaloo.’ With another track called ‘Lunatic Asylum,’ there seems to be a bit of a theme running through this new record.

The third song was even more of an up-tempo rocker, ‘Back at you.’ I even heard echoes of 60s high-energy Detroit heroes like Mitch Ryder and Bob Seger in there.

Apart from playing all the songs from their new album, they threw some old favourites in there too. Among them the Tom Waits-esque ‘Shake’ and the hypnotic masterpiece that is ‘Sun.’

A real standout track from the new album is the melancholic ‘Motorcycle Years.’ Be sure to check out the excellent video they made for the song, which was projected behind them as they played it live.

A special guest joined them on saxophone during the groovy butt-shaker, ‘Get Loose.’ The nearly sold-out crowd was moving their behinds and loudly cheering the virtuoso adp-t-99-paradiso_06guitar solos of the unsung hero, Mischa den Haring.

But just as impressive was their singing drummer, Martin de Ruiter, who while pounding the skins carried the set with his energetic and soulful vocal delivery. But we can’t forget the elegant and stoic upright bass player, and sometimes rhythm guitarist, Donne la Fontaine.

They came back for two encores showcasing, among other things, their country side on ‘Verge of a Breakdown’ and ‘Countryside Bound.’ All in all, this two hour masterclass in eclectic, vintage rock n’ roll was a triumph and reminded everybody again what an (inter)national treasure these guys are.

-Marko Petrovic 

All photos copyright of Andre Dieterman