Booji Boys – Self-Titled LP

Booji Boys
Booji Boys
Drunken Sailor Records
February 10, 2017

We’re seventeen days into 2017 and it’s already turning out to be a clusterfuck. So Donald Trump likes Russian girls to pee on him… Hmmm? Well divert your attention to Booji Boys.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this band for a while. They’ve presented what will most certainly be one of top contenders of this entire year. This record rips from start to finish. It has this certain fresh and new feel to it. It’s been on repeat for me since I managed to get a copy.

The fast, efficient riffs and warbly vocals are really making a statement here. Clocking in under 20-minutes, it easily does what most can’t do on a double LP.

I honestly haven’t heard a record in a long time that really stuck with me the way this one does. It just has a lot of originality and you can tell they have put their hearts into this. So do yourself a favour and just give it a chance. There will be no regrets.

Below is a link to it via YouTube, and yes there is a MediaFire link available, but please go and order this once it comes out officially.

-Justin Crumpton