Review: Farewell Eddie and the Hotrods, Hello Club Foot!

Cyanide Pills – Copyright Andy Lee

Eddie and the Hot Rods, the Cyanide Pills and Los Pepes
At Club Foot – Burnt Mill Academy, Harlow, Essex February 2, 2018

Marking a year since the closure of Harlow Town’s much loved and long standing Square, was Club Foots opening night.

Eddie and the Hot Rods played the Square’s closing ceremonies, so it only seemed fitting that they should ring in the first night for Club Foot!

There was a lot to live up to, but I knew owner, Adam Smith, would not be a man to disappoint music fans with this new venture. And what a lineup! Everyone knew they were getting into something special, alright.

Eddie and the Hot Rods – Copyright Andy Lee

Yes this is a school, but I couldn’t think of anything better. With DJ Paula Arriagada on the decks playing the best, jittery rock n’ roll, it felt like a good time from the moment I walked in.

Without any fuss, London’s Los Pepes promptly kicked things off and took their audience by the scruff, making every inch of the ample stage space their own. By the time they were belting out their second number ‘Too Late, Too Late’ everybody knew who the daddy was.

Leading into their more melodic numbers was easy, which showcased their versatility as power pop songwriters while delivering a beefcakey punch of rock n’ roll and punk.

It was a short and punchy set, straight to the point with no frills. Everyone got the message of what Los Pepes are all about.

Hailing from Leeds, and their first show south than what should be legal, are the Cyanide Pills. A bright spikey take on stripped down, zipped up 70s punk, delivering what seems goofy and awkward on the outside, but will still have you clutching at your aching teenage heart. Songs such as ‘Can’t Get it Up’ and “Making Her Mind Up” go round your head like a hamster in a wheel for days on end.
It was a flawless set with a non-stop all killer, no filler approach, which makes this a band audiences always pay attention to.


Cyanide Pills – all pictures Copyright Andy Lee

With this being their last year touring, Eddie and the Hot Rods were warmly welcomed by friends, family and the audience when they took to the stage.

This is certainly a lot that were going to be sorely missed. Barrie Masters reciprocated to all throughout all of the show with outstretched arms, delivering all the classics spanning throughout the Hot Rods 40-year-plus career flawlessly and with intention.

Their songs still ring true and dear to many to this day across different generations. The crowd are as much part of its history as the Hot Rods themselves.
Accompanied by Richard Holgarth on guitar shredding through the Rods’ greats, everyone was dancing, singing and hanging onto every word.

Closing up with their rendition of ‘Born to be Wild,’ I don’t think anyone left without a smile on their face after a night like that.

What a debut night for Club Foot! A success that leaves me eagerly waiting to see what more the venue will bring. Long live the Square, but may Club Foot live ever longer!

-Cretin Crowler