Poison Boys ‘Out of My Head’ out July 5 on Dead Beat Records

Chicago’s Poison Boys are pretty much the peak of the ‘junkie rock’ sort of punk that was popular in the US punk scene when I was in my early 20s (2010–2013ish). But the catch is, the Poison Boys are still around.

Dead Beat Records released the official video ‘Tear Me Apart’ prior to the release of the new LP, Out of My Head. It’s that sleazy, sort of cheesy, 70s punk, rock n’ roll influenced, Joneses worship sort of sound. Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘junkie rock’ concept anymore, but I actually do really dig the song, and that’s what matters right?

If ‘Tear Me Apart’ is anything to go off of, this 12-track LP should be pretty catchy, and I think it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into the sleazy modern 77-revival sound… and maybe even if you’re not.

Out of My Head out TODAY on Dead Beat Records. Get it now!


–Linsey McFadden