Poguey Romero y los Malasangre – Gato Negro 7-inch

Poguey Romero y los Malasangre
Gato Negro 7-inch
Sweet Groove Records and Devil Records
February 10, 2017

Once in a while you need a few old dogs or in this case, cats, to team up and show the new blood how it’s done. Poguey Romero y los Malasangre is a Valencian supergroup of sorts, featuring ex-members of Wau y los Arrrghs, Los Infraseres, Megaphone ou la Mort and The Fingersmiths.

After just a handful of shows in 2016 they recorded a couple of songs that were released as a single on Sweet Groove Records in association with Devil Records.

The A-Side ‘Gato Negro’ is as in your face and angry as it is catchy and danceable. It’s a love letter to the damned city of Valencia. These old cats are just fine living in the shadows and hanging out on rooftops.

Musically, this is a groovy mix of melodic jangly licks and dirty riffs with a typical raspy Spanish vocal delivery. To top it off, the song ends with a furious harmonica solo by everybody’s favorite wild man, Leandro of Les Ton Ton Macoutes.

The B-Side ‘No Puedo Dormir’ is just as good. It’s a break up song with a fatalistically positive twist. Our man, Poguey, is just fine with his girl leaving him. He prefers to stay up all night, forever the midnight loner.

Yet again, sleaze and melody are perfectly matched while the drums propel the song with a surf-like shuffle. This little piece of wax is a winner. Can’t wait for the album!

-Marko Petrovic