Piss Test – Self-Titled LP 2

Piss Test
Self-Titled LP 2
Taken By Surprise
May 5, 2017

Piss Test live up to strong legacy of 40 years of devastatingly raw punk rock. It’s fast, hard and takes no prisoners. It contains all the familiar themes of defiance, anger and disaffection with society, which makes for a solid punk record. This self-titled LP boasts a style that reminds me of the bastard offspring of DI and DOA. It even comes across as a distant cousin of contemporaries, The Night Birds.

The opening track ‘Marianne’ sets the tone for music to thrash about to. Really, this is what you can expect from most of the album. Sitting still seems almost impossible while listening to Piss Test. ‘Teenager’ speaks brazenly about adolescent sexual exploitation. ‘Basement’ has a theme about getting older and experiencing changes while still listening to songs from the likes of Discharge or Cock Sparrer, which may have been more relevant in one’s youth.

Some other favourites of mine are ‘Talkin’ Shit,’ ‘Dennis Rides an Elephant’ and ‘Arizona Cops.’ ‘Talkin’ Shit’ hits a chord as the protagonist in the song shows utter disdain for those who think the woman in the band is a groupie or merch girl. It’s crass, straight to the point and in your face.

‘Dennis Rides an Elephant’ is wonderfully silly. I keep listening to this track and trying to sing the chorus while tripping over my own tongue. ‘Arizona Cops’ is what you’d expect. It’s a pissed off song about those redneck boys in blue in the ‘civilized’ state of Arizona. If you don’t know why one would be pissed off at those coppers, Google search Sheriff Joe Arpaio and wonder at his incredible racism.

Piss Test produce the kind of sound that is punk and true. It’s very familiar, and like others with a similar conviction, it wastes no time in grabbing the attention of its listener. This album is definitely worth listening too, particularly if you have something to smash.

-Nick Kuzmack (Nix Beat)