Paper Spook

13244134_1086712791401004_8704884336780864811_oPaper Spook are the new dream duo from Berlin, Germany. They’re young and very fresh and you can clearly tell that these two beauties just wanna have a little bit of fun! Their music sounds like a mix of bubblegum sweet pop and garage punk rock from the 70s.

These kids are inspired by the loud, woozy electronic vibes of Berlin – The vocalist, Juju Lund, and guitarist, David Nilsson, don’t need a third band member because they use technology. The drum machine creates bit crushed lo-fi beats and they just stir them up a little bit with some rock n’ roll.

The duo formed last year and released their first EP Midsummer Sensation in August 2015. The record is a collection of a brightly coloured and immersive fluo psychedelia. The band just released a new single, “I Wanna Be Your Wildcat,” which adds up dreamily seductive and yet blissfully spooky vibe to the lyrics, which can boggle your mind. Paper Spook are currently working on their new EP album Teenage Nightmare.

-Emily Slupecka