Moron’s Morons – Self-Titled 7-inch

Moron’s Morons
Moron’s Morons 7-inch
No Front Teeth Records
April 10, 2017

Having released not two, not three, but seven different sleeves, Moron’s Morons debut EP must be homage to their name or the band is loaded! Of course it’s loaded, loaded with extremely lo-fi moronic rage that is!

Their sound is fast and furious, as if listened to on a rusty car radio on an overplayed distorted cassette – the raw realm of fierce trashy punk rock. With influences including The Reatards, Dead Boys, Teengenerate, The Dwarves, and the like, you can see where they’re coming from.

Warsaw kids, Moron’s Morons, are quite new to the scene. Although they’ve been around since September 2015, only this year did they start to go off on their snotty rampage.

First they did a demo tape called Trash Can Glory. From there, they came out with this beautifully loud wreckage of a self-titled EP. This EP features six manic songs recorded at gunpoint, and released by No Front Teeth Records.

NFT were wise enough to keep their DIY-garage sound, elevating Moron’s Morons to a band worthy of the Rip Off Records’ cult.

Just a few days ago, on August 31, they released a new DIY album, Kinky Cuntroversy, a nod to the Kinks and their Kink Kontroversy. The band keeps on ravaging away with the most disparate themes these punks can come up with.

From penis-loser to headless eyes and SS girls, you’re bound to go as wild as Dave goes. Go listen to their entire repertoire, buy the single and throw your own mosh pit if there’s none around. Trust me, you’ll need it.

-Penelope York