Lucy and the Rats



Lucy and the Rats—Lucy from the Ramones influenced pop punk trio, the Spazzys, is the ‘Lucy.’ The Spazzys have made headlines not only in Australia, where they come from, but across the globe. But she didn’t stop there! Artists of this calibre need constant challenges, and so do the rest of the band members. The ‘Rats’ are Joe, Manu and Mike, who all have a bunch of other interesting projects. Trust me, you want to experience them all.

So, there’s a very cute mouse, some might call her a hamster but as those are domesticated, I say no! And three mighty rats that have come together to create what could be the next Blondie, only in a softer, sweeter, almost shy way.

With its members coming from bands inspired by 60s garage and 77 punk, these melodic, warm and fuzzy harmonies get a special punch that turns the band into some kind of power-pop-punk reinvented-genre.

When you listen to Lucy and the Rats, the world is right again. Lucy’s voice is like a delicate flower, but don’t get fooled by its tenderness, for it is strong enough to face the hardest of winters. Her Rats are her dedicated backbone. They defend her gentle vocals with a trustworthy rhythm and a steady beat.


Prepare to be blown away, in the most docile way possible. These big rats and their little mouse have a lot in store for us to delight in. Make sure you see them live and if, for any insane reason, you claim you can’t go, check them out online. Better yet, do both. No excuses.

Lucy and the Rats are the cosiest band I have stumbled upon in the last few months, and I’m so grateful for them. I might seem a rough, all independent punk but hey, I got feelings, ye know? Lucy and the Rats understand people just like me.

– Penelope York