Van Onderen – 24 hours of Dutch Underground @ Paradiso Amsterdam, January 7, 2017

For the first time in the history of the venue, Paradiso stayed open for 24-hours straight. To celebrate this, more than 80 made-in-Holland bands were invited to perform, and there was no way you could expect to be bored.

The 100 percent Dutch line-up was the best-selling point of Van Onderen, in my opinion, as the music scene in the Netherlands is vast, productive and diverse enough to celebrate for 24-hours non-stop.

Each band’s set lasted a brief 25-minutes. It was enough to appreciate the best local bands from the underground scene. It brought a perfect balance between each act by allowing noise, garage, punk, electronic and stoner bands to cohabit perfectly.


There was enough material to satisfy a big range of music aficionados. There was alternative rock with Korfbal, garage with Iguana Death Cult and Lookapony, stoner with Toner Low –in case you did not get it, stoners like weed, ie: the subtle visuals, punk with Charlie & the Lesbians, and so on.

I wouldn’t be honest if I said I enjoyed all the performances. However, the thrilling atmosphere and crowd along with the brilliant programming made me enjoy every second of it.

The more time I spent in Paradiso, the higher my excitement got until it reached its climax, which was also the moment when I had to reach my bed.


I wouldn’t be able to rank and rate the bands according to their performances on that night. It would not be fair to the many acts I missed.

I must say I had a great time discovering and rediscovering acts like Floris Bates, Yuko Yuko, Torii, Nouveau Velo, Deutsche Aram and Firebirds, to refer to only a few.

Special mention should be made of Korfbal, the project mixing members from the Homesick and Creepy Karpis. After 25 minutes of it I knew that I was ready to get more on the February 11 at de Nieuwe Anita.

To be honest, I don’t think a complete report of those 24-hours is doable, and after all, who cares? I mean, of course Van Onderen was about the bands that played. Bands I’ve seen before, others which were new discoveries, some I wanted to see for a long time, and those I missed like the Homesick.

More than a showcase for individual acts, it’s an entire music scene that was celebrated that night and Paradiso felt a bit like home.

-Maud Sztern