Las Munjitas del Fuzz: ‘Es el 69’ 7-inch

Las Munjitas del Fuzz
Es el 69
Shit in the Milk Records and Slovenly Recordings
April 28, 2017

‘The Spanish Inquisition is back,’ they say, but this time it’s on our side! Or so I hope… I’ve never seen Las Munjitas del Fuzz live. Before my research I didn’t even know who exactly was behind this project. Armed with only their jolly sacred-sound and what others have said before, as time flew beneath my feet, my only solution was… to believe.

Las Munjitas del Fuzz are Jorge, Felix and Varo. These purified nuns, these Sisters of the Order of the Holy Garage, all lead double lives filled with the most terrifying sins.
Jorge, lead guitar and vocals, is the mastermind of Doctor Explosion, along with a myriad of other bands like The Ripe. He’s even a Grammy – sacrilege, a false golden God! – nominated producer. Varo, the drummer, is the organiser of one of Europe’s wildest garage rock music festivals, the Funtastic Dracula Carnival. Blasphemy! Felix, bass and backing vocals, is the director of the renowned mod and 60s festival, the Euro Yeye. Oh, the profanity! The hilarity! I mean, the heresy!

Las Munjitas del Fuzz have been around since the mid-90s, chastising themselves amidst orgies of ravaging music, as repentance for the sins of their disciples. Yet, at some point, the ordeal became too hard and their followers’ worship too fervent, even for such devoted nuns. They then decided to retreat to a far-away convent, unknown to anyone, where they could pray in absolute silence with sombre introspection.

Last year however, they saw a new light, a new calling. Their acolytes have rekindled their faith in the Sisters of the Order of the Holy Garage through Saint Facebook, the highest divinity of the modern world. The sisters could not deny their devotees’ this much-needed penitence.

Their vows were to serve and obey and to serve and obey they did. Their debut single brings us the garage punk songs ‘Satan Sal De Mi’ and ‘Mala Mujer.’ During their shows, they add smashing mixes of garage and beat versions from the 60s, brimming with ungodly lyrics.

And this year they’re at it again. The sanctified sisters grabbed their best Sunday habits, packed 666 litres of holy water along with some impious noisemaker instruments and went on to preach a new single, spreading their devotion with the enlightened sounds of garage rock, R&B, some fizzy fuzz and a whole holy lot of holiness.

Their second 7-inch, released on April 28, comes in milky white vinyl, limited to the most righteous number of 666 copies. The songs ‘Sor Cassandra,’ ‘Es el 69,’ plus the small prayer ‘02 X’ keep on declaring the band’s divine devotion. Preaching to the choir – yes, there’s also a choir, with sudden deranged guitar solos and Jorge’s mocking voice makes this a hilarious single.

Las Munjitas del Fuzz are definitely fun, but two singles alone aren’t enough to convert me. Like in any religion, one needs to hear them preach live. So, I’ll wait to attend their mass, hear their psalms and watch first-hand their shining spiritual auras. Only then can I know if I succumbed to the opiate of the masses.


-Penelope York