Giuda – EVA

Rise Above Records, Burger Records and Trooper Entertainment
April 5, 2019

Giuda’s fourth full-length album EVA or Evtravehicular Activity is an intergalactic exploration into the deep universes of glam rock n’ roll.

I was somewhat surprised to see that Giuda had gone with a space theme for their newest release, but it works.

The opening track ‘Overdrive’ is a very classic Giuda track, and its lyrics really smooth the transition to space age Giuda. ‘Overdrive’ tells you it’s a brave new day and to leave your fears behind, opening you up for some intergalactic activity with Giuda.

I can’t say there haven’t been quite a few bands touching down on spacy vibes over the last few years, but Giuda does rock n’ roll space exploration in typical Giuda fashion.

While EVA is very much a Giuda album, it still feels different from past releases. This seems like a very exploratory album for the band in more ways than one. The band isn’t just trying to take you on an interplanetary excursion, they’re also trying to show you the depths of their glam and rock n’ roll know-how.

‘Interplanetary Craft’ is pretty much what I’d imagine when I think of the theme of Giuda in space. The lyrics are simple and memorable. You’ll have no problem getting into the mood and singing along. The hooks are upbeat and catchy, with singer, Tenda’s trademark charisma out in full force.

‘No Place to Hide’ is my favourite track on the album. While the lyrics are quite simple, the song itself has a lot going on. You don’t quite realise what the song is about until the end. This one goes off of the space theme, touching down on a famous historical murder instead.

‘You’ve Got the Power’ is probably my second favourite on the track. This one has an amazing energy that I can’t quite describe. The way the drums are used in this song helps create an excellent buildup. Giuda’s singing style is normally a lot more chant-like, especially for the majority of this album, but this has more straight up singing mixed in.

The following track ‘Cosmic Love’ also has a lot more singing and is a lot more in line with the space theme, but ‘You’ve Got the Power’ really does have a special power in it, for me.

When I started listening to this album, I really had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. Giuda is a band that really knows their glam rock and aren’t afraid to show it, and this album is a perfect representation of that.

The instruments on EVA sound tighter and there’s even tracks with elements of early disco. They bring synth in on a lot of tracks, but not all of them, and they blend the varied sounds and influences very well. If you like Giuda or you like glam rock, you’ll want this album.

As always, the ever hardworking Giuda will be following up their album launch with a tour. Check their tour dates below. North American fans will also be pleased to hear that Giuda is returning to the US in September 2019.

-Linsey McFadden

April 6 – Rome, Italy @ MONK Roma
April 7 – Pescara, Italy @ Scumm
April 11 – Turin, Italy @ sPAZIO211
April 12 – Milan, Italy @Serraglio
April 13 – Bologna, Italy @ Covo Club
April 18 – Marseilles, France @ Le Molotov
April 19 – Nantes, France @ La Scène Michelet
April 20 – Rennes, France @ Mondo Bizarro
April 21 – Paris, France @ Gibus Live
April 24 – Brussels, Belgium @ Magasin 4
May 5 – London, UK @ The 100 Club