Furies – Weer Gonna Have Some Fun Single

Weer Gonna Have Some Fun Single
Teenadelic Records

I’m kicking myself for not having heard this band sooner!

This three-piece from Madrid have come out with a really strong first single. The title track proves the band have done their homework.

Produced by Lorenzo Moretti of Giuda, this single has perfectly captured everything great from 70s rock n’ roll. It’s straight to the point, heads down, no nonsense, solid grooving rock akin to early AC/DC, with catchy sing-along lyrics and hand clapping, foot-stomping galore. This song’s a definite modern classic.

Side-B is a cover of the Tina Turner number, ‘Nutbush City Limits.’ The first time I heard the original I was blown away.

It’s a really great song, though part of me always was hoping for a long lost junkshop glam cover of it… Well in this case, better late than never. They managed to put a harder edge on an already tough sounding song.

This was my first introduction to the band and now I’m really looking forward to their upcoming LP.

Fingers crossed for a London gig soon!

-Adrian Alfonso