Dirty Fences: First “EP” Plus Two Xtra Songs

a0536745847_10Dirty Fences
First “EP” Plus Two Xtra Songs
Dirty Water Records
January 17, 2017

Those of us familiar with the New York band know what to expect here. Known for writing quick, catchy rock n’ roll numbers – fans will know what to look forward to here, and that it is indeed worth waiting for.

First “EP” Plus Two Extra Songs isn’t the catchiest title ever, but that is exactly what it is. If you had the pleasure of getting into Dirty Fences back in 2012 (and titled Dirty Fences), you’ll have heard all these songs before, but yes, just like the announcement – there are two extras on there too.

This new record, released by London label, Dirty Water Records, offers up eight songs with wailing guitars, wailing vocals and speedy drums. Rock n’ roll by numbers, yes, but it is still a perfectly executed record. The vinyl release will happen in March, but until then, can be found and downloaded from bandcamp. Guess what? You should download it.

‘East Gun Hill’ is definitely a standout track, opening like a Motorhead song, but with an upbeat vocal and fun, catchy tune. So maybe not like Motorhead at all, unless you consider Lemmy and co to be a bunch of fun time guys… Follow-on track ‘I Saw You There’ packs a punch with a screaming guitar solo after the band remembers when “you were mine.”

‘1000’ is the highlight. As vocalist Jack Daves proclaims that one girl goes “1000 miles an hour” over and over, there is no way to stay off your feet – and just in time to dance to the summer fun beats of ‘Bomber.’ It’s obvious why this was the original EP closer.

“Come on man!” they scream, while belting out licks and one-liners over the most wild and rock n’ roll chorus of the album. It’s not hard to see why their shows are known for being fun. ‘Bomber’ can’t be ignored. But why would you want to ignore it?

As soon as new track ‘2×2’ begins, you can hear the difference in the band. They have clearly matured and honed their sound since the original release of the EP. It is super slick, and though they might have lost that punky edge, what they have gained in production value and skill outshines that anyway. It’s just fun. What is rock n’ roll if it isn’t fun or if it doesn’t make you want to go and see the band live?

‘Sell Your Truth’ harkens back to that punk style of the original LP, but again, the years they have spent finding their style and creating their sound shows.

Unlike most re-releases, Dirty Fences are offering something new and different with this release, reminding fans that thought their sound has changed a little, they are still the same fun rock n’ rollers they always were.

You can find the record on the band’s bandcamp page for £7. A bargain considering the hours of fun you can get out of these 3-minute long masterpieces.

-Frieda Strachan