Dark Thoughts: Self-Titled LP

Artist: Dark Thoughtsa2755633020_10
Album: Self-Titled LP
Label: Stupid Bag Records
Released: April 20, 2016

2016 has been a here and there year of sorts, but these dudes came out of nowhere with an instant classic and I don’t think it’s received the proper credit that its due. Philly has always had its bright stars, and this is a perfect example of such. Dark Thoughts sound is obviously deeply rooted in influences like the Marked Men and probably the Ramones.
This sound is like crack to me, I always tend to fall for it and end up listening to an album ten or more times in a day after I discover it. You may find yourself doing the same if this is the type of thing you enjoy.
It’s not just a throwaway type genre. Its picked up, put on the shelf, and then picked back up again many times. This one consists of 12 tracks clocking in around 15 minutes, its the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning, to motivate yourself to go to work, or to get to pumped up when you are going out with friends.
So please order this thing now or go see them live if you can. It’s only 10 dollars! Do you know how much that is per track? Do the math. When you put this on and ‘Identity Crisis’ starts, just like me you’ll probably catch yourself saying, “this doesn’t suck.” Why? Because.

-Justin Crumpton