Bang Bang Band Girl and Trash Colapso: Two one-person bands for the price of one!

Bang Bang Band Girl & Trash Colapso
One Foot On Death Road Split
Trash Wax Records
May 15, 2020

They are a peculiar phenomenon, loved by many, hated by some – the one (wo)man band. Since way back, probably even before World War II, people have been singing, playing guitar and banging the bass drum with their feet, all at the same time. Sometimes even blowing a harmonica along the way!

You want examples? Joe Hill Louis and Dr. Ross, both of whom recorded for Sam Philips’ Sun Records in the 1950s, are the first two that come to mind. Then there’s Hasil ‘The Haze’ Adkins of course, who still seems to be a big influence on many current one (wo)man bands. The same goes for The Cramps, who covered Adkins’ ‘She Said’ early in their career.

The spirit of The Cramps can be felt all over the place in the recently released split-LP from two contemporary loners on Trash Wax Records – Hailing from Chile and Argentina, respectively, are Sheri Corleone, the one-lady band Bang Bang Band Girl, and one-man band, Trash Colapso. Alongside The Cramps, you can see influences from The Gun Club and Suicide.

Let’s take a closer look at Bang Bang Band’s songs on Side-A. Sheri likes her songs to be explosive, yet melancholic. Danger and smoothness, combined with images from yet to be made movies in her mind.

For those of you who have had the privilege of seeing her perform live on stage – yes, the trashy blues sounds you heard are on this record, but there’s a more subtle sound there too; with room for melody and indeed, melancholy. Working in her own Bang Studio has given her the opportunity to broaden her sound by doing things that are not possible in a live setting, with a little help from her beloved Arturia Microbrute analogue synthesizer. Well done, mission accomplished!

And what of Trash Colapso? He ain’t no beginner either. His first two songs ‘Beat The Devils’ and ‘Snake Woman’ have more of a rockabilly feel, with the ghosts of Lux Interior and Alan Vega haunting the grooves. Other tracks display a slow, grungy blues sound with slide guitar, sometimes even reminding me of early Black Sabbath. And I must mention ‘Apache’, his ‘duet’ – or should I say duel? – with Bang Bang Band Girl on Side-A. Good stuff all around!

Marco Butcher, who is in a one-man band himself, mastered the split, so you know the red or yellow vinyl record sounds good too. Two great sides create one great record. The lady band wins on points. But it’s a close call.

Jeroen Van De Beek