Bad Mojos – I Hope You OD

Bad Mojos
I Hope You OD
Voodoo Rhythm Records
December 21, 2018

So these party dudes from Switzerland have made a perfect LP that sounds like a mix of GG, The Spits and The Kids. I Hope you OD is packed with ten tracks and seems like it’s barely 11-minutes long.

Fast paced, yet efficient, this is one of the best straight-forward punk records I’ve heard in a very, very long time. Riffs, riffs and more riffs. The tonality has a semi-fuzz element reminiscent of punk records of the era the band is replicating – circa 79-81.

Did i mention they sound like The Spits? Because that keyboard droning single note stuff is definitely right out of The Spits’ playbook, but these dudes take a slightly new, inventive twist on it.

Look, punk is punk, and what’s good is good. No reason to try to reinvent the wheel here. We need more of the sounds that have made rock n’ roll able to survive as long as it has, honestly.

For Voodoo Rhythm, of all labels, to take this one on is just as perplexing to me as anything else. They are traditionally known for blues and folk stuff. Many labels seem to be making an attempt to branch out as of late, not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing.

If I could skate I would definitely listen to this while on my imaginary board, or in shady alley somewhere with a bunch of punks in leather jackets, drinking beers out of glass bottles and smashing them while this record is blasting in the background.

It’s just really, really good. I’ve been too drunk more times than I can count. I’ve felt helpless, and I think we’ve probably all wanted to be dead or do some hoodrat shit and commit a felony. This is the perfect soundtrack for all of that.

Its a five-star effort from me. As I sit here and sip lagavulin single malt from my desk and blast this shit through my headphones, it makes me wanna go outside and just rebel against everything. With that in mind, they are on tour now, so you should go see them and help break some shit somewhere.

-Justin Crumpton